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The complexity of the IT related technologies has grown up a lot within the last ten years and managing an IT landscape is no longer a task, which can be handled manually by some people. But modern management technologies helps to manage it. One of the - mostly overseen - jobs of administrators is, to watch the health of systems, and monitor them to prevent failures from the beginning instead of repairing them and let the company carry the influence onto the real business (and cost!!!).

In the Windows World, with the starting with , the was introduced, which logs all related errors and problems into the so called . Also all modern application do that as also all management scipts can and should do that also. So the is the most importent watchpoint on a machine.

But for a large farm of servers, that would be a lot of work to do, which can normally no longer be done manually, and the build-in management tools do not give an option. This was the birthday of the so called . The collects the of all registered and stores them into a .


The documentation tries to provide all information about the working principles - which help to understand what this application provides - as well as the tasks to do in the different viewers and what they offer.

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