Some ASP hints

This is not a general ASP tips and tricks page. There are a lot of in the web. But sometimes, there is no or only a small found on information about, like sending mail from ASP with MS's MAPI protocol. I have some samples on several themes and they follow here. Regard that this is not "production-ready" code, I give only samples and normally they should work. My finally working code is only hosted by my companies web server and there is no way to go. The scripts here are coming from early development time and especially the error handling is sometimes nearly zero.

There are a lot of hardcoded values which must be adapted to your needs. The mostly used servername is "M1" and my NT domain name is "MBG". They are referenced in several scripts.

With the first link, you'll go to some explanation about that MAPI theme. The second is to display the queue enumeration code. You should use the mous's right button to get the "save target as.." menu.