is an set of applications to simplify system-management a bit. These applications work together to collect and store these events into a .

This webapplication is to view the stored events and to monitor the running services. It's GUI has the following main-folders:

Foldername Explanation
Introduction More details about the individual parts of this application and how this all works is provided in the Introduction. The whole documentation starts below that folder. First-time users could also go directly to The Userinterface to get a basic understanding, how to use this application.
EventlogViewer Below this folder, the different EventlogViewers are located. More about the details of thie EventViewers is decribed inside the Documentation. You may also go directly to the real events under EventOverview but notice the EventlogViewers overview in the neighborhood [ViewerDescription].
EventlogAnalyzer A big word, for that, you'll get there:Just how often the different event-sources cause errors and which error appears at all. Additionally, there are some prepared database-queries about known eventsources.
Management Below this folder, one can see, how the is working.
Help Here, the About of this application, the Feedback-page, and the ChangeRequest -page are located.